Aerosol Therapy - Upper Airways

Upper Airways

alte Aerosol Therapy - Upper Airways

The air we inhale goes initially through the upper respiratory tract: nose, oral cavity, larynx and trachea. It is precisely through these channels, which bring the flow of air into our body, that we come into contact with the external environment. If the air we introduce does not have the correct temperature, or it is impure and contaminated, it is possible that disease may occur. Flaem offers a wide range of devices specifically designed for the treatment of upper respiratory tract. Flaem is specialized in aerosol therapy. This treatment is also suitable for children and allows the administration of drugs in particle size directly into the respiratory tract in order to treat certain diseases.
Flaem devices are Made in Italy and include numerous models of nebulizers for the treatment of both the upper and the lower respiratory tract, offering innovative solutions for the whole family.